We provide the best
Trenchless, HDD
& Directional Drilling

Icon Versatile directional drilling abilities


  • Underground Pipelines
  • Gas/Water/Sewage
  • Electric Conduits
  • Fiber Optics
Icon Experienced in HDD drilling


  • Over 15 years in Horizontal Directional Drilling for both home and commercial
Icon equipped for trenchless digging


  • High performance Vermeer tools designed for critical performance in severe conditions

Welcome to Terra Tech, Inc.

Vermeer Directional Drill

Terra Tech Inc. is a privately held company, specializing in trenchless horizontal (HDD) and standard directional drilling. With the owners featuring over 15 years experience, and specializing in undeground pipelines (gas/water/sewer), electric conduits, and fiber optic cables, we have critical expertise unmatch by any contractor in the country.

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Our tools are designed for outstanding performance under severe drilling conditions, such extreme temperatures, well depth, drilling shock/vibrations, all while minimizing the inherent risks involved with directional drilling, and not disturbing the areas natural habitat.

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Why Directional Drilling?

Directional and Horizontal Directional Drilling provide an easy, trenchless solution that allows easy depth and start to finish control.

Play Animation Why use directional drilling? This is where you start directional dirlling This is where you end directional drilling You can dig around existing utilities as well Vermeer HDD 1 Vermeer HDD 2 Vermeer HDD 3 Pipe coil to run Drill around utilities 1 Drill around utilities 2 Drill around utilities 3 Drill around utilities 4 Drill around utilities 5 Drill around utilities 6 Pull new pipe for horizontal drilling 1 Pull new pipe for horizontal drilling 2 Pull new pipe for horizontal drilling 3 Pull new pipe for horizontal drilling 4 Pull new pipe for horizontal drilling 5 Pull new pipe for horizontal drilling 6 Contact Terra Tech for the best directional drilling services